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By Gresham Podiatry Center
July 05, 2016
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If your toe is painful and bent at the middle joint, you might have a hammertoe. The condition typically occurs in the second, third or fourth toe. You can get hammertoe from wearing poorly fitting shoes, or having a tendon and muscle imbalance in your foot. You don’t have to suffer from hammertoe when help is just a phone call away. Your doctors at Gresham Podiatry Center in Gresham, OR want to HammerToerelieve your pain and treat your hammertoe.

Hammertoe is caused from your muscles holding your toe in the wrong position until the muscles tighten to the point where they can’t fully extend your toe. Your toe is bent in the shape of a hammer, for which the condition gets its name.

Your doctors at Gresham Podiatry Center want you to be able to recognize some of the common signs and symptoms of hammertoe. If you have corns or calluses at the top of the middle joint on your toe, the growths rub against the inside of your shoes. You may have difficulty finding shoes you can wear comfortably.

There are some things you can do to prevent and treat hammertoe, according to the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society. Your Gresham doctors want you to try:

  • Wearing sandals or open shoes, or shoes that have enough room and don’t bend or crowd your toes
  • Exercising your toes by picking things up off of the floor with your toes
  • Stretching each of your toes individually with your fingers
  • Using callus pads, corn pads or cushions
  • Taking anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen

For stubborn cases of hammertoe that don’t respond to conservative home treatment, you should seek out the help of your doctors at Gresham Podiatry Center. They may recommend:

  • Custom-made orthotics in your shoes to correct a tendon or muscle imbalance
  • Corticosteroid injections to relieve inflammation, pain and swelling
  • Splinting your toe to straighten and realign it into correct position

For severe cases of hammertoe, your doctors at Gresham Podiatry Center may recommend surgery to permanently realign and correct your hammertoe. Don’t suffer the pain of hammertoe. Call your doctors at Gresham Podiatry Center in Gresham, OR. They can relieve your pain and get you back on your feet, so call today!