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By Gresham Podiatry Center, LLC
February 29, 2016
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To keep diabetes under control, it requires a lot of at-home maintenance. One of the easiest, but most important ways you can managediabetic foot care your diabetes is by caring for your feet. Dr. Derek McCammon of Gresham Podiatry Center in Gresham, OR has provided some information for his diabetic patients on how they can maintain their quality of life with simple foot care.

Why is foot care so important?

Diabetes diminishes the flow of blood throughout the body. Since the feet are the furthest away from the heart, they are particularly at risk for problems, since reduced blood flow makes it harder for the body to heal wounds and fight infections. To compound the problem, diabetes can also cause neuropathy, or nerve damage, so even a serious injury to the foot may not be noticed. When wounds develop on the feet or ankles of diabetes patients and go untreated, the infection that often results can mean dire consequences, including amputation of the toe, foot or leg. Your Gresham podiatrist has seen many patients deal with lifelong problems as a result of diabetic foot infections.

How can I care for my feet?

As a diabetic, the most important thing to remember about caring for your feet is to have a daily routine. Missing one day could mean missing a potentially critical injury. Your Gresham foot doctor has provided a few steps you can take each day to avoid diabetic foot infections.

  • Check your feet daily for any and all injuries. This includes blisters, scrapes, or toenail problems. Your Gresham podiatrist suggests using a magnifying mirror to make inspection of the bottom of your feet easier.
  • Clean your feet using warm - not hot - water.
  • Trim your nails straight across, but not too short to avoid injuries to the nail bed.
  • If you develop a corn or bunion, do not try to treat it at home. See your Gresham foot doctor for treatment right away.
  • Wear clean, comfortable socks at all times, even to bed.

It's also important to see your podiatrist on a regular basis for checkups. If you'd like more information on caring for your feet to avoid diabetic foot injuries, contact your Gresham, OR podiatrist, Dr. Derek McCammon, for an appointment today!